How To Borrow Data On MTN In Nigeria

How To Borrow Data On MTN In Nigeria

How To Borrow Data On MTN In Nigeria

Are you out of data and need to continue surfing the internet? Here comes a good news as you can be in the comfort of your room and without a flinch borrow data from MTN and pay back later. To do this you only need to fulfill certain obligations.

In this article I will be sharing with you the requirements and procedures for borrowing data on MTN.

The service is known as MTN XtraByte that allows eligible customers borrow data on credit when they run out of data while browsing and pay back on their next recharge.

This service has been a welcome idea from MTN as subscribers may want to importantly surf the internet but due to financial situation and possibly lack of readily available funds to purchase data, they are faced with an impediment.

Criteria For Eligibility For MTN XtraByte

To be qualified to borrow data from MTN XtraByte you must meet the following requirements:

1. You must be an active MTN prepaid subscriber

2. You must have a registered SIM

3. The SIM with which you want to borrow data must have been active for at least 3 months

4. You must have been on MTN network for more than 6 months

5. You must have spent at least #200 monthly for 3 months.

To check if you are qualified to borrow data, dial *606# on your mobile and then press 1.

After checking your eligibility status, you will be presented with choices to choose from 5 data bundles on the XtraByte service:

  • 20MB
  • 50MB
  • 150MB Daily
  • 150MB Weekly
  • 500MB

NOTE: Borrowed data attracts a 15% service charges which will be paid back by deducting the amount of data borrowed from a subscriber’s next recharge.

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