3 Easy Ways To Make Money On Social Media

3 Easy Ways To Make Money On Social Media

3 Easy Ways To Make Money On Social Media

Most social media users have the oneness belief that the social media platform exist only for endless chit chat with their friends and loved ones. Interestingly, there is an added advantage of social network, as you can channel your presence to also make some money either on a full time scale or part time basis.

In this article, I intend to make you abreast with some of the easy ways to make extra cash on social media, by channeling your social media presence to your advantage.

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Affiliate Marketing

Many affiliate marketers are smiling to the bank on a consistent basis through promotion of affiliate products. Interestingly, most affiliate marketers can attest to the fact that it pays more to promote other people’s product as affiliate marketers get up to 70% commission on each sales of promoted product

You can become an affiliate marketer for websites like Clickbank, Fiverr, Amazon, Konga, Jumia etc. If you are a website or blog owner and you have used a certain product which you like, you can use your blog or website platform to write a review of the product and convince your followers of the awesome benefits they stand to derive from its usage. You will be lucky to have some of your followers key in to your review, proceed to purchase the product, and trust me you are already smiling to the bank.

Selling Physical Product

Social media is the next best thing that has so far happened to this generation. If you are in to craft, a fashion entrepreneur, make art pieces, social media is the best place to showcase what you do. In doing this, most people make the grievous mistake of buying an already established account without having the thought of the likelihood that the followers they are ‘inheriting’ may not have interest in their product. The largess of the followers is not what you need rather a clique of followers who are interested in your product.

Take the pain to build your followers movement from the scratch, with that only people who are interested in what you sell gets to join and then it will be easy to direct your followers to check out your product and make good sales.

Consulting Services

The importance of social media in digital age cannot be overemphasized. It provides you a great platform to promote your consulting business, place it in front of social media followers and through that you can drive traffic to your business. For instance you may be a fitness coach and wants to make extra cash on social media. You can schedule a live video session with your customer right from the comfort of your home and make more money without taking a step out of your home.

I do not provide consulting services and I know starting up can be a lot of work, but believe whatever you read about consulting services here, they ain’t no joke. Expanding the reach of your audience can only get better if you have a social media following or you are determined to build your audience. Do not confuse having ‘a rich social media following’ with having ‘a huge social media following’. A few audience that shows interest in your service is more rewarding than a huge dormant audience.

Charge a fair price for the service you render, but do not be cowed with the fear that they may leave you because of your price. Always remember if they are getting results and happy with your work, they will always keep coming. Your customers wants result!


I hope you find this piece helpful. If you have any problem or suggestion, kindly drop it in the comment box and I will be glad to be of help.

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